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Get a 360° View of the Fashion Industry—and Get to Know Paris at the Same Time!

Learn While Exploring (LWE) is an immersive educational program in luxury fashion in Paris. LWE provides participants with exclusive, behind-the-scenes opportunities to witness firsthand how the concepts they are taught in the classroom are applied in the field by top professionals.


Is LWE for you? If you have a passion for fashion and want to experience Paris like no tourist ever will, then the answer is simple: YES!


Are you considering a career in fashion? Are you a lawyer who has always wondered what it’s like inside a real-life atelier? Regardless, LWE is for you. In other words, no fashion experience is necessary, but curiosity is required. Past participants of LWE have ranged in age from 18 to 60 years old and have included fashion students, accountants, doctors and more. The one thing they all had in common was a desire to learn and explore.


Participation in LWE is a unique way for current fashion students to gain a sense of potential career avenues they may want to pursue. For participants already working in the industry, LWE can be an invaluable networking opportunity and a means of professional development. Finally, for non-fashion students and non-fashion professionals, the program serves as an introduction to one of the most exciting industries in the world.


LWE makes learning exciting. Interactive lectures and workshops in the classroom are complemented by equally interactive daily visits with key fashion industry players and experts—for example, craftsmen, stylists, magazine editors and influencers—at their ateliers, creative offices and studios.


Even homework is inspiring. Assignments are designed not only to help you integrate what you’ve learned out in the field with what you’ve learned in the classroom but also to define what fashion means to you personally.


Of course, no two editions of LWE are exactly alike, so itineraries will vary; after all, fashion is always evolving, and there is always something new happening in Paris, but one thing is guaranteed: This one-of-a-kind one-week-and-a-half learning experience will give you an insider’s look at many facets of the fashion industry while providing you with hands-on lessons in French savoir faire. 


By the end of the LWE experience, you will have a new perspective on the fashion industry, a certificate of completion and inspiration to draw from for years to come.


Short course


September 2024





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